New Yachts

New Eastern Boats

DOWNEAST ROYALTY. Really. Eastern Boats owe their original hulls to the late Royal Lowell, a legendary Downeast designer whose grandfather, Will Frost of Beals Island, Maine, developed and built the first fast lobsterboats of the early twentieth century. Eastern's original 18 is a Royal Lowell design, and we still build it today.

New Novatec Yachts


New Seaway Boats

Seaway Boats was founded by Harry Farmer back in the 1970’s. They built up quite a dealer network and their downeast-style boats were a staple along the entire East coast. Seaway and Harry took a hiatus thru most of the 90’s and reappeared in 2001 working out of a new facility in Oxford, ME. Seaways re-emergence started out with the redesigned 21’ hard chine hull and quickly worked up to their current line up of 18’ to 24’ models. With their downeast flare, wide beam and handsome woodwork Seaway was back.